Bola Rodante Automática Inteligente! 🐱🌟

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¡Descubre la revolución en el juego de tu gato con nuestra Bola Rodante Automática Inteligente! 🐱🌟

✨ Características Asombrosas:

  1. 🎮 Juego Interactivo Automático: Diseñada con tecnología inteligente, esta bola rodante automática para gatos ofrece horas de diversión y entretenimiento activo para tu felino amigo.
  2. 🚗 Movimiento Activo: En el modelo tipo C, la bola no solo emite sonido, ¡sino que también se mueve activamente, estimulando el instinto de caza y juego de tu gato!
  3. 🧩 Material Duradero: Hecha de ABS y silicona de alta calidad, la bola es resistente y segura para tu gato. El diámetro de 4,3/4,5 cm es perfecto para que los gatitos la persigan y la atrapen.
  4. 🔋 Opciones de Energía: Disponible en modelos con batería de botón o batería recargable de 80mAh con cable tipo C. ¡Incluso admite dropshipping!
  5. 🌈 Luces Indicadoras LED: Con luces rojas, azules y verdes, las indicadoras te informan sobre el estado de la batería y el proceso de carga.

📏 Especificaciones:

  • Nombre del Producto: Juguetes Inteligentes para Gatos – Bola Rodante Automática
  • Material: ABS/Silicona
  • Tamaño: 4,3/4,5 cm de Diámetro
  • Capacidad de la Batería: 80mAh o Batería de Botón
  • Contenido del Paquete: Bola Gravitacional * 1, Cable Tipo C * 1
  • Recordatorio: Se recomienda cargar completamente la batería por primera vez.

🔋 Indicadores de Carga:

  • Luz Roja Intermitente: Batería baja, ¡necesita recargarse!
  • Luz Azul Intermitente: Producto en proceso de carga.
  • Luz Verde Encendida: Carga completa, recárgala completamente la primera vez.

🌟 ¡Haz que la rutina de juego de tu gato sea emocionante y estimulante con nuestra Bola Rodante Automática Inteligente! Ordena ahora y lleva la diversión felina a nuevas alturas. 🐾✨

Ordena ahora y lleva la diversión felina a nuevas alturas. 🐾✨

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38 valoraciones en Bola Rodante Automática Inteligente! 🐱🌟

  1. S***a

    We have loved my Mikey this super happy with the ball has arrived 4 days before Thank you

  2. M***r

    Same as the description, I imagined it bigger, for cats it is fine, I do not recommend for puppies .. Of the rest all good

  3. P***a

    The battery does not last long but works very well, my cat is excited

  4. D***r

    Good product. Same as description. But unfortunately my cat doesn't play with it.

  5. V***o

    The ball is cool, the cats like it. When ordering, pay close attention to the model-self-propelled is twice as expensive as simply chirking on a bird.

  6. 7***r

    Delivery much earlier than I expected. The item is identical to the description.

  7. L***t

    doesn't move by itself, but makes cricket sound, the kittens love it 🙂

  8. N***n

    Very happy with the product, the smart ball is robust and moves smoothly

  9. I***o

    The best thing is that it includes catnip which makes it more interesting for kittens

  10. G***y

    They like

  11. C***r

    A very good quality product I recommend it

  12. R***n

    Some שפזה simple but the cat liked very

  13. R***a

    Works well let's hope it lasts good weather

  14. D***l

    The goods did not arrive, but the money was returned, ordered again, waiting

  15. P***m

    The dog loved the ball. Sounds every time you boat or bump into something. The only bad thing is that it bites the ball and within minutes it is already full of holes.

  16. D***b

    Yeah the material and correct my ball doesn't move on its own it makes bird noise when you touch it and it comes with cat grass

  17. 0***r

    Cats love them and they play with this ball. Sound is played from the impact on the ball. There were two small bags of cat mint as a gift. My kittens convey to SAI the enthusiastic flesh of the Middle Kingdom.

  18. R***c

    Although it was quite beaten, it did not affect its operation, cats like it a lot and the sound it makes draws their attention a lot. I recommend the product, as it is hit, I cannot recommend the store, there are many other sellers who sell it too

  19. M***z

    Ideal, it seems that it even has memory and looks for the cat, I bought the one with the light

  20. C***r

    It could be made clearer that there are two separate types of product

  21. Customer

    A playful divetido for cats.

  22. L***a

    A funny toy, but the cat has not yet become imbued. While getting to know each other. Began to observe. ))

  23. M***z

    My kitten loved it… now she runs around the ball and jumps all over the place. I loved the product!

  24. T***i

    Excellent and attracted the attention of cats to play a lot

  25. D***n

    Good service, the product arrived 45 days early!, well packed, working, in perfect condition. However, I did not ask for the right product, I wanted the automatic ball. My kitten loved the catnip.

  26. B***e

    My cat adore and yard after this ball

  27. D***d

    Very good item, it comes with the usb to charge it, makes a noise and starts to move and with the light. My cats are fascinated

  28. M***o

    Took longer than it should. But the product arrived bn

  29. A***n

    My usually shy cat loves it, standby mode works if you click & then hold till the light comes on. Put it on and left for the night and still worked 4 hours later. Will buy again!

  30. C***a

    Is smaller than I thought, but I think it will do its job

  31. M***y

    Thank you very much for the product I received

  32. A***v

    The cat did not accept the toy immediately, but after some time is delighted

  33. Customer

    The product is fine but 25 days for delivery

  34. H***n

    Was not expecting that this toy will be such a joyful for my cat. Its with battery. And when the ball moves it makes sounds, not loud , softly, which is very important for me. Highly recommended

  35. A***n

    It is small but it adapts to the description, the sound is of a toad or frog

  36. F***n

    Am not satisfied with the handling a month late can send no message insaid fast delivery am very dissatisfied how it is going

  37. G***u

    all ok

  38. Customer

    I like how the blue one makes frog noises and the yellow one bird sounds, anyways my cat loves both

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